About Us

Richard Sexton & Co is a family run British country clothing and sheepskin business based in Clapham, in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. Since 1987 we’ve been supplying wholesale to shops around the world with our quality ‘Glencroft’ branded sheepskin and countrywear all from sheep (and a goat).

We manufacture the majority of our range right here in the UK, with a small amount made in mainland Europe (gloves, Icelandic rugs and some slippers). Many of our products are still being manufactured using the same methods as when we began 30 years ago. We still hand finish every one of our 100% British sheepskin rugs, up to 200 a week. Our experience sourcing and producing British Wool, Harris Tweed, sheepskin, cashmere and other natural fibre products ensures a high quality that lasts many years.

We pride ourselves on being a trusted trade partner to retailers providing exemplary customer service, personal sales visits, quick stock turnaround, product support and a lovely cup of tea and biscuit if you come and visit us.

Whether you are a small independent retailer or a buyer for a national or multinational retail outlet requiring large volumes, we have the knowledge, expertise and capability to cater for your needs. Please contact us with your requirements.


A lifetime’s experience

Richard Sexton & Co. was established in 1987 when Richard and Justina Sexton (seen here modelling for our first catalogue) first set up the partnership operating out of an industrial unit in Settle, North Yorkshire.

Richard has worked in the wool and sheepskin industry since the 1960s and felt the time was right to pursue his ambition of creating a classic British brand selling quality natural British goods to like-minded retailers worldwide. This wouldn’t have been possible however without the support of his wife Justina, a qualified practicing midwife who, while now retired from her first career, is still in charge and manages all the company finances.

Just like today we created a range of quality clothing and accessories manufactured in the UK and mainland Europe. As an experienced on-the-road representative, Richard visits all our customers in the UK literally from Lands End to John O’Groats. In this way we have established our loyal customer base of independent retailers, gift shops, mail order and in recent years, online retailers.


A family business

The second generation, Edward Sexton (also seen here modelling in 1987), joined the business in 2013 with a decade’s experience in marketing.

It wasn’t his first foray into the world of sheepskin and knitwear however. He first created the Richard Sexton & Co price list in the 1990s, the catalogue while at university in the early 2000s and an independent online retailer selling a selection of Glencroft products in 2010.

Edward has since helping us to modernise and make it easier for our trade customers to work with us. As well as learning the ropes, meeting customers and suppliers across the UK and Europe, managing all our international relationships and also launching our retail website in 2018.

He is also learning one of the most skilled aspects of the job; finishing a sheepskin rug by hand with a sharp blade and a keen eye, something Richard has done in-house since we started.

Glencroft shop
Clapham, North Yorkshire
We ran the Glencroft shop at Home Barn in Clapham for 6 years from 1991 – 1997 selling our own stock, a wide range of food, jewellery, toys and gifts. Around the same time, we also relocated the wholesale business to Clapham, converting an old barn into business premises. This is where we still reside to this day, opposite the New Inn pub and with a beautiful view of the river and this picturesque Yorkshire village. Since our move to Clapham the business has continued to serve our loyal customers and expanded to supply shops worldwide. You can now find Glencroft products in Germany, Switzerland, Canada, USA and Japan. We’ve even sent deliveries to South Africa, Norfolk Island and Bermuda.

Creating a British brand
When the business first started in 1987 we used the brand ‘Select Products’ to reflect the range and quality of our countrywear. It never quite sounded right, so Justina had the bright idea to change our brand to something that fitted better with our products and meant more to our customers. Therefore in 1991 the brand ‘Glencroft’ was officially registered. Since that time we estimate that over 250,000 Glencroft products have been sold to individuals across the world and the brand is now officially registered as far afield as Japan.
Carrying on a tradition
The history of ‘Glencroft’ goes back even further than 1991. We believe it was originally registered as a clothing brand in Edinburgh in the 1960s, also known as ‘Glencroft of Scotland’. The registration lapsed in the 1970s, unfortunately we don’t know what happened to that original company. It was only when we came to register the name that we were informed of its history. We’re proud to resurrect the name and take it into the 21st century.
Glencroft pub sign

Yorkshire Dales
Why ‘Glencroft’?
Although we are based in the Yorkshire Dales and our products are manufactured across the United Kingdom we have always had a very strong link to Scotland and everything Scottish. A large amount of our loyal customers since the very beginning were and still are based in Scotland, a number of our products and yarns are made in Scotland and many of the products themselves have a distinct Scottish flavour from tartan scarves to Fair Isle jumpers and Harris Tweed hats.
As a small family business based in the idyllic Yorkshire Dales we also hope that ‘Glencroft’ evokes the honest rural lifestyle that is at the heart and soul of our business. A ‘croft’ is a traditional word for an area of land often used for farming sheep and cattle.

We like to think that the products we sell are being worn and given to our friends and family – indeed, if we didn’t think any of our products were up to the standards of our nearest and dearest then we wouldn’t sell them!