Beck Fair Isle Nordic Jumper

A 100% British Wool grey shawl collar jumper with an oversized maroon, yellow and olive pattern inspired by our traditional fair isles of the past 30 years – although the pattern we’ve ended up with looks distinctly Nordic!

This new for 2023 Glencroft knitwear piece was designed to be a more modern take on the strongly patterned jumpers we used to make. The bold geometric pattern runs across the chest on both the front and back of the jumper. It also features a warm shawl collar with three buttons that look great undone or done up (if it’s chilly!).

This is a reasonably tight knit jumper that will keep the wearer lovely and warm, perfect worn over a shirt and on really cold days you can layer it with a jacket.

Why ‘Beck’? Well we like to name our jumpers after local landmarks and ‘Clapham beck’ is the river that runs through the village where Glencroft is based, we can see it from our office window and we designed the colours and flowing patterns in this jumper to reflect this beautiful part of the countryside.

Product details

  • Available in grey with a maroon, yellow and olive pattern.
  • Features a shawl neck collar.
  • Unisex – suitable for everyone

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100% British Wool


Made in UK

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S, M, L, XL, XXL