Bespoke Genuine Sheepskin Paint Pad

A sheepskin paint pad, hand made in our Yorkshire Dales warehouse to your exact specifications. Manufactured using responsibly sourced genuine British sheepskin.

We can make many bespoke and unique products with sheepskin such as paint pads. This particular item is something we’ve manufactured on numerous occasions to a variety of different specifications including for use at home or in industry such as underwater coating application for ships and oil rigs.

Genuine sheepskin is the highest quality material used for this purpose due to its natural strength, durability and woolly texture ensuring a good application. This is why the best paint rollers are made from sheepskin.

Usually made to a disc shape about 7-8 inches across with a number of small holes throughout, these pads are used on paint applicator machines to ensure the paint is applied to the surface being painted accurately and consistently. We can also trim or shave edges if required for a better fix to the paint applicator machine.

Please contact us for sampling, pricing and more information. Our costings will be based on volume, quality of sheepskin material needed, fleece length and any extra specifications (holes, edging etc).

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