Brush for Sheepskin Rugs

We have these sheepskin rug brushes specially made as they are the perfect tool for keeping your sheepskin rug or hat looking fluffy and presentable.

These sheepskin rug brushes are also known as 'slicker' brushes and can be used for brushing your pet dog – try it, they love it!

A sheepskin fleece can be quite tough especially over time when it becomes a little matted (this is how sheep stay warm!), so these strong wooden brushes with metal prongs are perfect for restoring a rug to it's original look and feel.

Use these on a sheepskin rug, then take the rug outside and give it a good beating, then a quick going over with a vacuum cleaner and the rug will be as good as new.

Product details

  • Supplied in individual plastic bags.
  • Sell these separately or bundle them in with each sheepskin rug you sell.

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