Double Icelandic Sheepskin Rug

Two beautiful Icelandic sheepskin rugs sewn together to create one very long rug, perfect in front of the sofa or alongside the bed.

We make these by carefully selecting two near identical Icelandic rugs and joining them together.

Product details

  • SHAPE – All our rugs our trimmed individually by hand, the shape will vary depending on the shape of the individual sheep. Some may be long and thin, some may be wider, some may be symmetrical, some may not.
  • COLOURS – Currently available in natural (undyed) black, white, brown and spotty, and dyed browns (including Highland Coo colour), dyed grey. Pinks and magentas occasionally available. All subject to availability.
  • We maintain a small stock of double Icelandic rugs and can also make to order.
  • Please note that unlike our British sheepskin rugs, our Icelandics are NOT machine washable.
  • View and download our Icelandic sheepskin rug general care and washing instructions here.

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Dyed Colours, Naturals


100% Sheepskin


Tanned in Poland