Mens Fingerless Lambskin Mittens

These are hand sewn fingerless mittens made from quality genuine lambskin.

Do you like to have warm hands but a little bit more freedom to move your fingers? These are the perfect solution.

Lambskin is even softer than sheepskin and feels delightful and warm against your skin. The outer of the mitten is the lambskin natural suede. The lambskin is turned over to create a subtle cuff at both the wrist and finger ends of the mittens.

The men’s fingerless mittens are similar to the ladies style, in a larger (one) size.

Product details

  • Much like our men’s whole piece sheepskin mittens, these are made from two pieces of lambskin – one for the palm and one for the back, with extra pieces for the thumb.
  • Lambskin is a very soft material and as such these gloves may not be ideal for hard wearing use – ie. gardening, farming etc.
  • Available in tan, chocolate brown and black.
  • Lambskin is a natural material so there may be colour variations in the suede skin or fleece and the fleece texture can vary – this is perfectly normal and doesn’t affect the functionality of the product!
  • One size fits all (approx 9 size). As mittens are not as close fitting as gloves these should fit most men’s hands. However there will be slight differences between individual mittens due to the natural skin and the individual manufacture.
  • Made from 100% genuine lambskin by expert glovers in Portugal. Machine sewn.

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100% Lambskin

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