Puddy Sheepskin Baby Mittens with Ribbon

Our whole sheepskin 'puddy' mittens are the smallest mittens we do for babies and very young children.

They feature a coloured ribbon tied to each mitten that is worn through the child's jacket or jumper so the mittens just dangle from the cuffs when taken off without getting lost.

We're not exactly sure where the term 'puddy mitt' comes from, but they are also colloquially and unfairly known as 'idiot mittens'.

Product details

These mittens are called ‘whole piece’ as they consist of one piece of sheepskin covering the entire palm and another piece covering the whole back. Unlike our other mittens, these are designed without any separate thumb piece.

Each mitten is connected to the other in a pair by a piece of coloured ribbon

Skin colours vary from all natural colours (tans, browns, greys, blacks) to a large variety of dyed colours (reds, blues, greens etc). The fleece inner also varies as much as the skin and can be white, black, brown, coloured. The fleece texture will also vary, some curly, some close shorn, some long and fluffy. Every mitten is unique!

As these are for children we endeavour to use more bright skin colours than natural colours, but this does depend on skin availability.

Made of 100% genuine sheepskin in the EU. Machine sewn.

As this is an item of clothing for children it is not subject to VAT in the UK.

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100% Sheepskin, Synthetic ribbon

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Made in the EU